A century of planning of green space in metropolitan Copenhagen

​Metropolitan Copenhagen is characterized by a comprehensive network of green space areas.
How were these areas planned and safeguarded through the 20th century?

The green space planning of Metropolitan Copenhagen has won international merit through the Fingerplan.
The green space is a very strong asset for the Capital Region of Denmark. The green areas are in many ways taken for granted for the public, the administration and the politicians. In this booklet the long history behind the safeguarding of the green space is summarized. In particular the continuity in spatial planning has been decisive for the relative success. Several generations of planners and politicians have agreed that the supply of high quality green areas to the public has been important. But they have implemented this by very different planning and management solutions. The role of the Danish State has been decisive, supported by several private initiatives. A general respect for statutory planning and good governance has also played a key role. Access to green space is important for the health and welfare of the urbanites. Further the green space plays critical roles in climate change mitigation, in the safeguarding of biodiversity and in the conservation of landscape values.

  • Henrik Vejre
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A century of planning of green space in metropolitan Copenhagen

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