Collaborative logistics and fierce competition

the path to sustainable freight transport

​Empty running and half-empty trailers have been a headache for logisticsservice providers for years. It is costly and time consuming as well as a cause of unnecessary emissions, congestion and air pollution.
Despite numerous attempts involving new technology, company mergers and ad-hoc collaboration between competitors, empty running still presents a major challenge for the business as well as for the environment.
In 2016, a group of researchers and industry professionals gathered to develop a system that automates the ad-hoc collaboration by matching available goods and excess capacity - we call it the DiRECTLY system. However, doing this in practice was far from straightforward.
This book is about the DiRECTLY project - a project that ended up not only being about collaborative logistics, but also about how to advance the roadfreight industry through new technology.

  • Kristian Hegner Reinau
  • Christian Richter Østergaard
  • Jianlin Luan
  • Ahmed Karam Abdelfattah Mostafa
  • Nicolò Daina
  • Ole Svendsen
  • Anders Julius Klejs Jensen & Johannes Grove Nielsen
  • Jakob Brodersen
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Collaborative logistics and fierce competition

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