Ecological sustainability and urban greenspace

Proceedings of the Ringkøbing seminar August 1998
Engelsksprogede indlæg fra seminaret European Network on Green Structure and Densityhe i august 1998. In August 1998 the Danish Building Research Institute arranged the annual research seminar of the European Network on Green Structure and Density. The network, which has been in action since 1994, comprises some of the most prominent European researchers within the field of urban green structure. The background of the network was to join forces in support of the developing scientific and political interest in urban greenstructure. The point of departure of the seminar was the local approach to sustainable greenspace planning and management and the special focus was the potential role of greenspace in relation to urban metabolism and biodiversity. The report includes contributions presented at the seminar. The Danish papers are on the town of Ringkøbing, which was the location of the seminar and the subject of the seminar workshop. Bestil publikationen 'Ecological sustainability and urban greenspace' (1999)
  • Karen Atwell (red.)
  • Anne Beer (red.)
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Ecological sustainability and urban greenspace

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