Greenlandic Perspectives on Climate Change 2018-2019

Results from a National Survey

Presents the findings from the Greenlandic Perspectives Survey (GPS), a nationally representative survey of residents' views of environmental changes and Greenland's future in a changing climate. The survey was conducted by the University of Copenhagen, the University of Greenland, Kraks Fond Institute for Urban Research and Greenland Perspective. With statistical support from Statistics Greenland, surveys were randomly allocated to residents living in randomly selected towns and settlements across Greenland's municipalities and geographic regions, as well as Nuuk and Upernavik. 646 residents in Greenland (~1.5% of the adult population) took the survey from July 2018 – January 2019.

Average margin of error: +/- 3 percentage points at the 95% confidence level. Additional details about the sampling method can be found in the appendix of the report. Several filmed interviews were conducted in each location which can also be viewed online. The research was funded by Kraks Fond Institute for Urban Research, with additional support provided by Greenland Perspective and the Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science.

  • Kelton Minor
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Greenlandic Perspectives on Climate Change 2018-2019

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