Actual projects

Below there is a list of on-going projects that will and have contributed to the continuous development of BSim

Swimming baths
Possibilities for energy savings and climatization of swimming baths are investigated in this project. Among the results the following are relevant for BSim:
  • development of a model for simulation of heat pumps
  • development of a model for moisture liberation from the water surface dependant on the number of guests and the indoor climate conditions
  • development of more advanced models for simulation of ventilation systems
Solar shading
Several projects deal with analyses of solar shading (with and without solar cells) and their control depending on the user, utilisation of daylight, energy optimisation all depending on the use of the rooms behind the facade. The most important results for BSim are expected to be:
  • development of an advanced model for solar shading
  • possibility for locating the solar shading inside or outside the glass

IEA Annex 41

Improvement of the moisture transport models in various simulation tools are made in this project and the following results related to BSim are expected:
  • improved model for simulating the combined moisture and temperature transport in building constructions
  • model for moisture and heat storage in furniture

Building integrated heating and cooling systems

Emission of heating and/or cooling from constructions is the issue in this project. For BSim this will result in:
  • improved model for floor (hydronic) heating systems
  • model for cooling in the constructions of a building

CAD integration

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is a common standard that is used in an increasing number of CAD tools. It gives increased possibilities for exchange of information across different tools. For BSim it will mean:
  • implementation of CAD drawing import (geometry) in IFC format
The project has been temporary postponed due to other project with higher priority.