BSim extension modules

Access to the following extension modules for BSim can be obtained separately:
The price of the BSim extension modules are found in the description of each module. All prices are quoted in Danish kroner, excluding VAT. (1 DKK approx. 0.134 EUR).

Advanced simulation of moisture in constructions

The core of the BSim program package is tsbi5 for analyses of energy and indoor climate conditions in buildings. By installation of the moisture module, tsbi5 is extended with advanced possibilities for simulating moisture conditions in any building. Using the moisture module, it is possible to analyse moisture variations in the indoor climate, moisture accumulation in constructions and condensation risk at the surfaces. For this purpose information about all existing building materials in the BSim database has been extended to include sorption and desorption characteristics.

The moisture module have, among others been validated by comparison to field measurements in actual buildings and to the results of the Match program.

The price of the moisture simulation extension module is 5 000 DKK (approx. 672 EUR) for users/PCs with an ordinary companylicense per address and 10 000 DKK (approx. 1 344 EUR ) for users/PCs with a server license.

More about integrated simulation of heat and moisture in buildings

Building integrated solar cells

The extension module SimPv makes it possible to calculate the electrical yield from solar cells placed at any surface of the BSim building model. SimPv features consideration of shadows from neighbouring buildings and the mounting system of the individual PV modules, which have significant influence on the yield.

Thus SimPv gives access to make a simple analysis of the electrical yield from a PV system, without any special knowledge of PV technology.

SimPv was validated by comparison with calculations performed using the advanced PvSyst program.

The price of the PV calculation extension module is 2 500 DKK (approx. 336 EUR) for users/PCs with an ordinary companylicense per address and 5 000 DKK (approx. 672 EUR) for users/PCs with a server license.

Natural ventilation

In the basic BSim package, the system venting is used for simple simulating of natural ventilation by opening windows. Installing the NatVent extension module gives access to extended possibility for simulating the indoor climate in naturally ventilated buildings in which the air change depends on the thermal conditions in and around the building as well as the location and size of the openings. It is further possible to simulate the combined mechanical and natural ventilation in a hybrid solution.

The models in the NatVent module are based on a set of equations given in Direction 202 (in Danish): "Natural ventilation in office buildings" (published in 2002). Thus, the extension module offers a possibility for dynamic simulation of natural ventilation instead of calculations made by hand.

Prior to its release, the NatVent module was validated by two Danish consulting engineering companies. The validation was carried out both as an analytical validation and an empirical validation with measurements from actual buildings.

The price of the extension module NatVent is 5 000 DKK (approx. 672 EUR) for users/PCs with an ordinary companylicense per address and 10 000 DKK (approx. 1 344 EUR) for users/PCs with a server license.

For further information please contact Kim B. Wittchen, Karl E. Grau or Kjeld Johnsen.