BSim updates

Updates of the programs in the BSim package are only accessible for license holders.

You can update
- Latest version of BSim 
- User's Guide 
- System update

More information

Latest version of BSim

You can update the programs directly to the latest version from the Internet or download it to your local PC for later installation. Remember to have your license number and password readty.

User's Guide

User's Guide can be updated to the latest version. The file must be saved to the local PC in the folder where BSim is installed. You need to change the status of help files downloaded from the Internet to be able to view them correctly. Click here to read how.

To have the optimum options available while using the BSim User's Guide you should update your system (except Windows 2000 and XP) to HTML Help version 1.32 (included on the CD-ROM from version 2,1,3,1).

Note: In Windows NT system you must have administrator privileges to run this update.

System update

Some versions of the MS Windows operating system require an update of the operating system to enable it to run BSim.