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All prices are quoted in Danish kroner, excluding VAT. (1 DKK approx. 0.134 EUR).

Start charge and annual license

The start charge of BSim is 20 000 DKK ((approx. 2 680 EUR), which includes the annual license of the first calendar year for up to 5 users/PCs per company address and possible extension modules.

The annual license is paid in advance one calendar year at the time and will become due at the end of December the proceding year. The minimum annual license fee covers the use of BSim for up to 5 users/PCs per company address.

BSim extension modules must be bought separately.

More than 5 users:

Price per company address for
1-5 addresses

Start charge, incl. 1. annual license fee 20.000​
​Annual license fee, 1-5 users/PCs per address
Annual license fee, 6-10 users/PCs per address ​750
Annual license fee, 11-15 users/PCs per address ​500
Annual license fee, 16-20 users/PCs per address 300​
Annual license fee, additional users/PCs ​200


It is possible to calculate the annual license fee for the use of BSim in an Excel spreadsheet. To do so, it requires that a MS-Excel compatible spreadsheet program is installed at your PC.

Server license

Costumers who wish to run BSim from a central server can select a server license on the following annual license conditions.

​Server licence DDK
Start charge, incl. 10 users/PCs + annual license fee
Start charge per user/PC no. 11-20 ​4.000
Start charge per additional user/PC 3.000​
Annual server license fee, incl. 10 users/PCs 20.000​
Annual license fee per user/PC no. 11-20 ​1.000
Annual license fee per additional user/PC

License for education or research 

BSim is offered for research and education at a specially favourable price.


License for education and research DDK
Start charge per address, incl. 1. annual license fee
Annual license fee per address ​2.000

For further information please contact Kim B. Wittchen, Karl E. Grau or Kjeld Johnsen.