Update help


Choose the desired update by clicking the appropriate text-link on the BSim update page. After some seconds a window asking for your user-id and password is presented:

Here you type your user ID and password:
  • As user ID you must use your license number
  • As password you must use the serial number, given to you on delivery of the program.
When user ID and password are accepted, a set-up file is accessed and you can choose to open it form the web or downloaded it to your PC. It is recommended to download the help file to your local disk.

Opening the set-up will start the installation wizard that will ask you some questions regarding the installation.

If you choose to download a file on your local disk, you will be asked where to place the file.

You should place the User's Guide in the same folder as the BSim executable (disview.exe). The set-up file can be placed anywhere in your local file system - i.e. the Temp folder - as it is a self-extracting installation shield.

While the installation shield is running, you must select Custom installation to install the English User's Guide.

User's Guide

To update the User's Guide, you have to save the file bsim-uk.chm to the same folder on your local PC as the BSim executable (disview.exe). This action will replace the existing User's Guide with the new version.


To update the standard database, you have to save the file sbidata.mdb to the same folder on your local PC as the BSim executable (disview.exe). This action will replace the existing database with the new version.


Any shadow model downloaded from this Internet site can be used free of charge in any BSim project.

No guarantee for any damages or any loss of data caused by the use of this models is given. Nor can the correctness of the shadow models be guaranteed.

The shadow models must be saved in a folder on your local PC - normally a sub-folder to the folder holding the BSim installation.

The shadows can be included in any project using the Insert | Project command from the Edit menu of SimView. From here you browse to the location where the shadow modes are saved.

For further information please contact Kim B. Wittchen, Karl E. Grau or Kjeld Johnsen.